• Table Chef Pure

    Table Chef Pure

    Pure is a deluxe griddle with a curve that will guide excess juices and fat to the removable drip tray. The curve also works to keep all foods perfectly in contact with the integrated 2500 Watt heating element. Pure’s generous dimensions of 50 x 25cm offers enough space for up to six users. The adjustable thermostat, which is accurate up to 215°C, has settings for fast grilling, as well as keeping foods warm, and sizzling. The grill’s trendy and deluxe design includes a neatly finished bamboo base and its superior, state-of-the-art ceramic coating offers versatile advantages, such as: High temperature conductivity, giving quicker and more even results that also preserve food’s natural juices. Ceramic is a natural inorganic substance that is better for your health. Additionally, when the grill has reached the end of its life cycle and is to be disposed of, ceramic displays certain environmental benefits. Moreover, it does not chip or flake during the grill’s life cycle. Ceramic is extremely hard; it is scratch resistant and very easy to clean. Ceramic has a fine molecular structure and displays superior non-stick. Article Nr. 01.103030.01.001 Description Table Chef Pure Wattage 2500 W Voltage 220-250 V Color White CBS Code 85166070 Material Non-stick ceramic coating Accessories Wooden spatulas included   Read more »

  • Princess Cool Steamer

    Princess Cool Steamer

    Steam cleaner on castors, with removable water tank holding 1.8 litres. Easy to clean. Comes with an adjustable stand to drape the hose over and handy folding clothes hanger to allow your garments to be freshened up or de-creased with precision. Ideal for freshening curtains, clothing, mattresses or furniture. The heat of the steam allows all kinds of materials to be hygienically cleaned and kills off dust mites. Article Nr. 01.332834.01.001 Description Cool Steamer Model 332834 Wattage 1500W Capacity 1.9 Litre(s) Accessories With folding rack   [nggallery id=122] Read more »

  • Pressurized Vertical Steamer

    Pressurized Vertical Steamer

      CREATE AN ALLERGY-SAFE ENVIRONMENT FOR YOUR FAMILY! Wheeled steam cleaner with 1.8L water reservoir, handy foot switch with indicator lights and a stand that can be adjusted in height for hanging up the hose. Features an additional heating element built into the nozzle, producing extra strong and dry steam for better results. Ideal for freshening and de-creasing curtains, clothing, mattresses, upholstery and plush toys; also suitable for delicate fabrics. Accessories included: a brush and a smooth iron for trousers. These can easily be stored in the handy bag provided. Tested and approved by the British Allergy Foundation. This vertical steamer has been shown to kill 96.3% of all dust mites and 99.4% of all common household bacteria. Model 333832 Description Pressurized Vertical Steamer Wattage 2200W Voltage 230V     [nggallery id=121] Read more »

  • 5-in-1 Multi Cooker

    5-in-1 Multi Cooker

        Versatile 1.8 litre Multi Cooker for deep frying, preparing soup, stir frying, steaming and cooking Chinese Hot Pots. Five functions combined in a single appliance, ideal for cooking various dishes from around the world. Performs exceptionally, creating delicious, fast and easy meals. Comes complete with user friendly adjustable thermostat and an indicator light. The aluminium pan has a non-stick coating, making it easy to clean. Comes with a glass lid, two wooden spatulas, steam rack and deep frying basket. Article Nr. 01.171110.01.001 Description 5-in-1 Multi Cooker Wattage 1300 W Voltage 220-240 V Capacity 2 Litres CBS Code 85167970 Material Aluminium (Sole) Accessories (1) 2 Wooden Spatulas Accessories (2) With steam rack and frying basket   [nggallery id=120] Read more »

  • Classic Fat Free Fryer

    Classic Fat Free Fryer

    The Princess Fat Free Fryer enables you to make delicious chips without oil! Much less fat, so no concerns about health and weight. In one go it makes a portion of 500 grams of chips, roast potatoes, snacks, chicken nuggets, fish, meat and vegetable dishes. Particularly suitable for deep-frozen products. The Fat Free Fryer fries using a combination of hot air and infrared heat radiation and therefore emits fewer odours than a traditional deep fat fryer. Complete with a useful filling funnel, timer, observation window, crumb tray and removable basket. Prepare your delicious snack is so "EASY" !! Article Nr. 01.181000.01.001 Description Fat Free Fryer Wattage 1250 W Voltage 220-230 V CBS Code 85167920 Capacity 3 Litres     Read more »

  • Starck Beard Trimmer

    Starck Beard Trimmer

    Beard trimmer. Rechargeable beard and moustache trimmer with inductive (cordless) charger with charge indicator light. Two blades (large and small) for perfect shaving of all facial hair, including moustache, beard and sideburns. Complete with cleaning brush and 3 brush comb attachments. The base has a handy storage section for accessories. Article Nr. 01.576004.01.001 Description Starck Beard Trimmer Wattage 0 W Voltage 220-240 V Color Silver CBS Code 85102000 Material Spraypainted Accessories (1) 2 Blades Accessories (2) 3 Brush comb attachments Special Feature (1) Cordless, rechargeable [nggallery id=14] Read more »

  • Starck Wet Tunes Bath & Shower Clock

    Starck Wet Tunes Bath & Shower Clock

    Clock radio Splash-proof AM/FM radio. Integrated LCD clock with adjustable backlight. Battery operated. Suitable for wall-mounting. Article Nr 01.376003.00.001 Description Starck Wet Tunes Bath & Shower Clock Wattage 0 W Voltage 4,5 V V Color Silver CBS Code 85279290 Material Spraypainted Special Feature (1) Splash proof AM/FM radio Special Feature (2) Battery operated [nggallery id=15] Read more »

  • Starck 3-in-1 Curling Iron Set

    Starck 3-in-1 Curling Iron Set

    Curling set with rotating cord and 3 attachments with "cool-tip" : 30 mm curling tong, 40 mm curling tong and spiral tong for curls, ringlets and spirals. With charge indicator light and on/off control light. The cord can be easily stored in the base and all the attachments on the base itself. Article Nr 01.526002.01.001 Description Starck 3-in-1 Curling Iron Set Wattage 30 W Voltage 230 V Color Silver CBS Code 85163200 Material Spraypainted Special Feature (1) 3-in-1 set Special Feature (2) Cool tip [nggallery id=16] Read more »

  • Starck Pistol Grip Hairdryer 1800+

    Starck Pistol Grip Hairdryer 1800+

    High power hairdryer (1850 Watt) with two heat settings and a cool setting. Convenient rotating handle and cord. Complete with diffuser and styling nozzle. The base has a handy storage section for cord and accessories. Article Nr. 01.506001.01.001 Description Starck Pistol Grip Hairdryer Wattage 1800+ Voltage 1800 W Color 230 V CBS Code White/Silver Material 85163190 Programme Spraypainted  2 Speed & temperature setttings Accessories (1) Diffuser included Special Feature (1) Cool shot included [nggallery id=17] Read more »

  • Waterpr. Dig. Thermometer Signal

    Waterpr. Dig. Thermometer Signal

    Fast & accurate. Digital (easy to read, no mercury). Water resistant & memory. Ready signal & automatic shut-off. For oral, rectal or underarm use. Nonbreakable; in storage case. Article Nr. 01.547015.00.001 Description Waterpr. Dig. Thermometer Signal Wattage 0 W Voltage LR-41 battery V Color White CBS Code 90251920 Material Moulded Material Accessories (1) Storage case Special Feature (1) 3 Digits Special Feature (2) Waterproof [nggallery id=18] Read more »

  • Beauty Infrared Footspa

    Beauty Infrared Footspa

    Very comprehensive foot bath with bubbles, heating and infra-red massage, vibrating massage, roller massage and accupressure massage. Give your feet a treat with lovely warm water, automatically kept at a comfortable temperature, feel the sparkling bubbles in the water and the deliciously relaxing infra-red heat effect. Complete with options switch with 4 settings and splash protection. Article Nr. 01.565777.01.001 Description Beauty Infrared Footspa Wattage 113 W Voltage 230 V Color White/Blue CBS Code 90191010 Material Moulded Material Programme 3 Massage settings Accessories (1) Bubbles & keep warm heating Special Feature (1) Infrared heating Special Feature (2) Full feature footbath [nggallery id=19] Read more »

  • Crimper 3-in-1 de la Couronne

    Crimper 3-in-1 de la Couronne

    3-in-1 steam curling/styling tong with 3 sets of interchangeable plates. For lovely full curls or crimping. Or use the flat plates for straightening curly hair. Steam helps the heated anodised aluminium plates work even more effectively. Convenient removable water reservoir provides 20 minutes’ worth of steam power from one fill. Universal voltage means you can take it anywhere. Always easy to handle thanks to the cool-touch casing. PTC element automatically regulates temperature. Features locking button and indicator lamp. Article Nr. 01.515230.01.001 Description Crimper 3-in-1 de la Couronne Wattage 30 W Voltage 110-240 V Color Champagne CBS Code 85163200 Material Spraypainted Accessories (1) 3 Types interchangeable plates Special Feature (1) Removable water reservoir [nggallery id=20] Read more »