• Classic Fat Free Fryer

    Classic Fat Free Fryer

    The Princess Fat Free Fryer enables you to make delicious chips without oil! Much less fat, so no concerns about health and weight. In one go it makes a portion of 500 grams of chips, roast potatoes, snacks, chicken nuggets, fish, meat and vegetable dishes. Particularly suitable for deep-frozen products. The Fat Free Fryer fries using a combination of hot air and infrared heat radiation and therefore emits fewer odours than a traditional deep fat fryer. Complete with a useful filling funnel, timer, observation window, crumb tray and removable basket. Prepare your delicious snack is so "EASY" !! Article Nr. 01.181000.01.001 Description Fat Free Fryer Wattage 1250 W Voltage 220-230 V CBS Code 85167920 Capacity 3 Litres     Read more »

  • Eco Shower Fryer

    Eco Shower Fryer

    Unique, patented deep fryer with oil spray system. The oil spray pump ensures that the oil is spread evenly across the food as it fries. The fryer uses as much as 85% less oil thanks to this amazing invention. This feature also serves to cut costs (saving money on oil and energy). The grill plate only needs 4 minutes to heat up (15 minutes in a standard fryer). The Eco Shower Deep Fryer uses less energy and saves money, thanks to the shorter total frying time. The fryer is also safer because less oil is used. The lid comes complete with a safety switch that automatically deactivates the spray system as soon as the lid is opened. The electronic timer automatically turns off the deep fryer. The fryer pan has a 3 litre capacity and only requires 0.5 litres of oil. This makes changing the oil very simple. You save 30 litres per year this way. Can be completely dismantled for easy cleaning and the removable inner pan is dishwasher-safe. The LCD display shows the temperature, the frying time and the remaining frying time and has a very accurate temperature setting. The lid has odour and grease filters and a ... Read more »