• Princess Cool Steamer

    Princess Cool Steamer

    Steam cleaner on castors, with removable water tank holding 1.8 litres. Easy to clean. Comes with an adjustable stand to drape the hose over and handy folding clothes hanger to allow your garments to be freshened up or de-creased with precision. Ideal for freshening curtains, clothing, mattresses or furniture. The heat of the steam allows all kinds of materials to be hygienically cleaned and kills off dust mites. Article Nr. 01.332834.01.001 Description Cool Steamer Model 332834 Wattage 1500W Capacity 1.9 Litre(s) Accessories With folding rack   [nggallery id=122] Read more »

  • Pressurized Vertical Steamer

    Pressurized Vertical Steamer

      CREATE AN ALLERGY-SAFE ENVIRONMENT FOR YOUR FAMILY! Wheeled steam cleaner with 1.8L water reservoir, handy foot switch with indicator lights and a stand that can be adjusted in height for hanging up the hose. Features an additional heating element built into the nozzle, producing extra strong and dry steam for better results. Ideal for freshening and de-creasing curtains, clothing, mattresses, upholstery and plush toys; also suitable for delicate fabrics. Accessories included: a brush and a smooth iron for trousers. These can easily be stored in the handy bag provided. Tested and approved by the British Allergy Foundation. This vertical steamer has been shown to kill 96.3% of all dust mites and 99.4% of all common household bacteria. Model 333832 Description Pressurized Vertical Steamer Wattage 2200W Voltage 230V     [nggallery id=121] Read more »

  • Silver Vertical Steamer Deluxe

    Silver Vertical Steamer Deluxe

    Steam cleaner on wheels with removable water reservoir, convenient foot switch with indicator lamp and hose stand. Perfect for cleaning curtains, clothing and furniture fabrics. The hot steam method is also suited to cleaning highly sanitary areas and kitchens. Ideal for removing old wallpaper. The 4.0 litre water reservoir generates continuous steam for more than 2 hours. Includes safety overheat valve and dry boil protector. Article Nr. 01.332732.01.001 Description Silver Vertical Steamer Deluxe Wattage 1650 W Voltage 230-240 V Color Silver CBS Code 85081100 Material Spraypainted Accessories (1) 4.0 Liter(s) Special Feature (1) Hose sleeve Special Feature (2) 3 Diffrent attachments included [nggallery id=51] Read more »

  • Turbo Tiger Compact Vacuum

    Turbo Tiger Compact Vacuum

    Unique compact vacuum cleaner. Ideal as a second vacuum cleaner. The 700-watt motor provides the best suction power available in hand vacuum cleaners! Powerful enough to remove dirt from difficult-to-reach nooks and crannies. Ideal for short jobs; vacuuming the stairs, car, office, cleaning the computer keyboard, etc. Ideally suited for the campsite! With 3-stage air filtering. Vacuum cleaner bags no longer necessary. Includes 2 brushes which can be directly attached to the cleaner or to the hose. With carrying strap and 5 meter long cord. Article Nr. 01.332756.01.001 Description Turbo Tiger Compact Vacuum Cleaner Wattage 700 W Voltage 220-240 V Color - CBS Code 85081100 [nggallery id=52] Read more »

  • Vertical Steamer Pro

    Vertical Steamer Pro

    Top quality Vertical Steamer for cleaning, odor removal and kills gem. Three levels of steam power take care of the most delicate fabric to thick curtain, sofa and mattress. Turbo power with strong steam goes deep into fabric to kill gems and bacteria. Quick start up time with Standby mode for immediate steam. Patent protection shield and cool touch handle for the best safety to the user. Drip back system to minimize water dripping. Cleaning reminder light with cleaning solution attached. Article Nr. 01.332832.01.001 Description Vertical Steamer Pro Wattage 1800 W CBS Code 85081100 [nggallery id=53] Read more »

  • Silver Grand Café Siena

    Silver Grand Café Siena

    Deluxe coffee maker for 12 to 15 cups. Complete with convenient removable filter holder with anti-drip, water level increments, stay-warm function, safe thermostat adjustment and on/off switch with indication light. Article Nr. 01.242138.01.001 Description Silver Grand Café Siena Wattage 1000 W Voltage 220-240 V Color Silver/Black CBS Code 85167100 Material Spraypainted Capacity (1) 12-15 Cup(s) Accessories (1) Glass jar [nggallery id=57] Read more »

  • Silver Two Cups Coffee Maker

    Silver Two Cups Coffee Maker

    Designer Coffee Maker for 2 cups in refined black and silver. For one or two mugs of delicious coffee. Comes complete with earthenware mugs, permanent filter, on/off switch with indicator light and drip tray. Article Nr. 01.242193.01.001 Description Silver Two Cups Coffee Maker Wattage 450 W Voltage 230 V Color Silver/Black CBS Code 85167100 Material Spraypainted Capacity (1) 0.25 Liter(s) Accessories (1) 2 Ceramic cups included [nggallery id=58] Read more »

  • Silver Multi Mix Set

    Silver Multi Mix Set

    4-in-1 compact, yet powerful mixer set. Features stick-blender and handmixer with balloon whisk, beaters, dough-hooks and mixing jug. Complete with universal chopper with dispenser and storage function. Article Nr. 01.222065.01.001 Description Silver Multi Mix Set Wattage 250 W Voltage 230-240 V Color Silver CBS Code 85094000 Material Spraypainted Special Feature (1) 4-in-1 set [nggallery id=60] Read more »

  • Silver Pro Mixer

    Silver Pro Mixer

    Heavy stand mixer in eye-catching silver colour on handy adjustable stand with soft rubber handle. Features electronic speed control with feedback for even rotational speed. The heavy motor is particularly suited to kneading dough. Has automatic cord retraction system and turntable. Includes a small and large stainless steel mixing bowl, 2 whisks, 2 dough hooks and a beater. Article Nr. 01.222028.01.001 Description Silver Pro Mixer Wattage 350 W Voltage 220-240 V Color Silver CBS Code 85094000 Material Spraypainted Capacity (1) Small bowl: 1.4 Liter(s) Capacity (2) Large bowl: 3.8 Liter(s) Programme Multi speed & pulse Accessories (1) 2 Metal bowls [nggallery id=61] Read more »

  • Silver Turbo Mixer

    Silver Turbo Mixer

    Hand mixer in silverspray finish. With very powerful motor, 5 speeds, turbo position, eject button and handy flexible cord. Includes 2 whisks and 2 dough hooks. Article Nr. 01.222021.01.001 Description Silver Turbo Mixer Wattage 300 W Voltage 220-240 V Color Silver CBS Code 85094000 Material Spraypainted Programme 5 Speeds & a turbo setting Accessories (1) 2 types of attachments [nggallery id=63] Read more »

  • Silver Power Chef

    Silver Power Chef

    The Princess Silver Power Chef has a powerful, reliable motor and is perfect for cutting, chopping, grinding and mashing all kinds of foods. With start/stop button for continuous rotation and handy pulse button for pulse rotation. The various stainless steel blades can be clicked directly onto the motor axle. Thanks to the direct power transfer you get a much more exact and consistent result and the Silver Power Chef is robust enough to resist everyday wear and tear. Your guarantee for years of carefree use! Article Nr. 01.221000.01.001 Description Silver Power Chef Wattage 900 W Voltage 230-240 V Color Silver CBS Code 85094000 Material Spraypainted Capacity (1) 2 Liter(s) Capacity (2) 0.5 Liter(s) Accessories (1) Various stainless steel blades Accessories (2) Storage drawer, Demo DVD available Special Feature (1) Direct drive speed transfer Special Feature (2) On/off button & pulse [nggallery id=68] Read more »