Princess Egg Cooker & Mini Steamer DeLuxe Ex

The Egg Cooker & Steamer DeLuxe Extra is a unique and complete food steamer and egg cooker in one, with a brushed stainless steel design. The steamer has two levels, which makes it ideal for preparing an entire meal consisting of rice, vegetables and fish for example. The steamer is also extremely suitable for steaming dim sum and bapao rolls, or poaching eggs and cooking rice for example. Healthy cooking with no loss of vitamins. With the included rack, the appliance can easily boil up to 6 eggs. There is also a setting for the number of eggs and hardness. Complete with indicator light, acoustic signal indicating when products are cooked and measuring cup. The Egg Cooker and Steamer DeLuxe Extra comes complete with a rice container, egg rack, egg-poaching trays and an extra level for preparing an entire meal. The Egg Cooker & Steamer DeLuxe Extra can also be used without the extra level. With automatic switch-off function.

Article Nr. 01.262038.01.001
Description Egg Cooker & Mini Steamer DeLuxe Ex
Wattage 350W
Voltage 220-240V
Color Metal
CBS Code 85167970
Material Brushed stainless steel
Capacity (1) 6 Eggs
Programme Fully automatic
Accessories Egg tray, steam rack, measuring cup
Color Metal

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