Classic Fat Free Fryer

Fat Free Fryer

The Princess Fat Free Fryer enables you to make delicious chips without oil! Much less fat, so no concerns about health and weight. In one go it makes a portion of 500 grams of chips, roast potatoes, snacks, chicken nuggets, fish, meat and vegetable dishes. Particularly suitable for deep-frozen products. The Fat Free Fryer fries using a combination of hot air and infrared heat radiation and therefore emits fewer odours than a traditional deep fat fryer. Complete with a useful filling funnel, timer, observation window, crumb tray and removable basket.

Prepare your delicious snack is so “EASY” !!

Article Nr. 01.181000.01.001
Description Fat Free Fryer
Wattage 1250 W
Voltage 220-230 V
CBS Code 85167920
Capacity 3 Litres



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