Classic Roller Toaster

Brilliant! A toaster and sandwich-maker in one, with a roller lid to keep out dust. Handsome model in chrome-plated steel. For toasting two sandwiches or two pieces of bread simultaneously. With an extra wide opening (32 mm) to accommodate French bread. Complete with toasted sandwich clamps and a rack for French bread and bread rolls. With temperature sensor, browning adjustment, stop button, crumb tray, an extra high pop-up mechanism and automatic self-centring system.

Article Nr. 01.142386.01.001
Description Classic Roller Toaster
Wattage 900 W
Voltage 220-240 V
Color Color  Chrome
CBS Code 85167200
Material Chrome plated
Capacity (1) 2 Slice(s)
Capacity (2) 2 Sandwiches
Accessories (1) 2 Sandwich clamps

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