Combi Chef (Let’s Cook)

Luxury design fun cooking set designed by the world famous Dutch designer Jan des Bouvrie. Combination of a Grill, Raclette and Gourmet set and Barbecue in one. With a reversible griddle with non-stick coating. This means healthy and lean food, because butter and oil are not required! The 8 pans can be used for preparing different gourmet or original Swiss raclette dishes. The pans have a non-stick coating and handles that stay cool.

Article Nr. 01.162246.01.001
Description Combi Chef (Let’s Cook)
Wattage 1200 W
Voltage 220-240 V
Color Aluminium
CBS Code 85166070
Material Aluminium (Sole)
Special Feature (1) Reversible grill plate/ribbed
Special Feature (2) Raclette, barbeque, gourmet

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