Home Dec Penang 2009

Venue: Penang International Sport Arena (PISA)
Date: 5th June 2009 – 7th June 2009
Time: 11am until 9pm

Step in the world of perfect kitchen with Kollektion Distribution home appliances, Kollektion is
prepare to realize this need by providing the latest and modern stylish kitchen appliances you
looking for.

This is the first time Kollektion has joined Home Dec in Penang, and it proved to be a success as
crowd storm into our booth since the first day. During the three days event the crowd in Penang
was fascinated and impressed with the three brands that we exhibited, small retro Princess
appliances, the designer kitchen appliance from hoods, hobs, glass hobs, oven and dishwasher
by Lebensstil Kollektion and the robust GE that have been in the market for 100 years.
The products at Kollektion Distribution have been specially crafted to add a stroke of luxury for
modern homes.

Home Dec Penang proved to be a success and again attract much interest from the public.

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