Kollektion Cooking event with Kings Confectionery

Venue: Kollektion Haus
Date: 21st April 2009
Time: 10:30am until 2:30pm

This event is a join venture between Kollektion Distribution and King’s Confectionery, where the
cooking demonstration was held at Kollektion Haus. For this collaboration Kollektion Haus
provided all Kollektion baking appliances ( Princess , Lebensstil Kollektion and GE) and Kings
Confectionery called their baking specialist to perform cooking demonstration. The objective of
the event was to showcase our baking appliances.

There were 27 guest turned up for this baking event and they were happy lo learn on the baking
tips. The highlight of the event was Bird’s Nest Cake and it was served at the end of the cooking
demo. At the end of the day guests were very impressed with Lebensstil Oven, Princess Silver
Pro Mixer and the Lebensstil Liquidizer that was used to baked the cakes.

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