Red Toaster Borgini Limited Edition

Retrostyle with Princess! Handsome red retro design toaster. For two-slice toaster in high quality materials. Complete with toasted sandwich tongs and built-in bread rack. With extra large slot to fit thicker bread (30mm). With temperature sensor, browning regulator, stop button, warming up function, button for deep frozen bread, crumb tray, extra high bread lifter and automatic centring mechanism.

Article Nr. 01.142313.01.001
Description Red Toaster Borgini Limited Edition
Wattage 1050 W
Voltage 220-240 V
Color Red
CBS Code 85167200
Material Shiny steel
Capacity (1) 2 Sandwiches
Capacity (2) 2 Slice(s)
Programme Temperature sensor
Accessories (1) 2 Sandwich clamps
Special Feature (1) Bun warmer

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