Silver Power Chef

The Princess Silver Power Chef has a powerful, reliable motor and is perfect for cutting, chopping, grinding and mashing all kinds of foods. With start/stop button for continuous rotation and handy pulse button for pulse rotation. The various stainless steel blades can be clicked directly onto the motor axle. Thanks to the direct power transfer you get a much more exact and consistent result and the Silver Power Chef is robust enough to resist everyday wear and tear. Your guarantee for years of carefree use!

Article Nr. 01.221000.01.001
Description Silver Power Chef
Wattage 900 W
Voltage 230-240 V
Color Silver
CBS Code 85094000
Material Spraypainted
Capacity (1) 2 Liter(s)
Capacity (2) 0.5 Liter(s)
Accessories (1) Various stainless steel blades
Accessories (2) Storage drawer, Demo DVD available
Special Feature (1) Direct drive speed transfer
Special Feature (2) On/off button & pulse

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