Table Chef Pro

Highly versatile professional griddle, size 26 x 46 cm, suitable for meat, fish, vegetables, potatoes, eggs, pancakes, etc. 2000W. As it is made of deep drawn aluminium, it is much smoother than other griddles. It has a Teflon by Dupont non-stick coating, so food never sticks and the griddle is very easy to clean with kitchen paper or in the dishwasher. Perfect heat distribution ensures even cooking. Ideal to use as a barbecue, raclette set or Japanese Teppanyaki hotplate. Useful in the kitchen, fun on the table, and suitable for meals in the garden or on the balcony. Healthy and low in fat, as no butter or oil is required. Fitted with a precisely adjustable thermostat (up to 215°C) with an indicator light. The handles stay cool. Can also be used for defrosting. 6 spatulas and free recipes included!

Article Nr. 01.102300.01.001
Description Table Chef Pro
Wattage 2000 W
Voltage 220-240 V
Color Black
CBS Code 85166070
Material Non-stick coating
Accessories (1) Wooden spatulas included
Accessories (2) Recipe booklet included
Special Feature (1) Adjustable thermostat

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