Young Designers Contest

Kollektion Distribution will be organizing first ever Young Designers Contest in Malaysia. The
contest is only open to Sri KDU student between ages 10 to 16 years.

The objective of the promotion is to find a creative, unique and innovative design by students.
This contest is being held around the world in various countries. The winning design from
Malaysia will be competing against other Asia Pacific winners.

The winner of Young Designer Contest will compete in the international level against other winner
from other region. And the final winner will have their product design produced by Princess
Worldwide Ltd and sold internationally with the designer’s picture printed on every product gift

The winner of Princess Young Designer Contest in Malaysia will win a free trip to enjoy a 3 Days
2 Nights stay at the luxurious Princess Villa Phuket.which is worth USD 2 million. During the stay
a personal butler will attend to your every need, a personal chef to serve delicious cuisines and
exotic drinks and a chauffeur to drive you anywhere.

Date : 1st July 2009 until 30th September 2009

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