Kollektion Distribution was established back in Year 2005 by Pensonic HoldingsBerhad as a distribution arm for the group to expand its business into different segment of consumer appliances. The company’s portfolio covers from premium kitchen appliances to small domestic appliances and selectivehome appliances.

The Group acknowledges different skill set and expertise are needed to achieve the company’s vision: to become the leader in distributing premium consumer appliancesin the South East Asia region. Therefore, Kollektion Distribution is operating with a separate organization from its parent company, applying different business strategies to ensure continuous development for each of the brands its working with while respecting their identities and their autonomy, produce and market their products through carefully selected channels.

With the mission of bringing luxury experiences into the Malaysian household, Kollektion Distribution has been working closely with various manufacturersand brands owners across the world.Through adapting local culture and lifestyle into these partners’ knowhow and their latest technology, Kollektion Distribution has made affordable luxury lifestyle no longer a dream.